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Originally Posted by 8ight-e View Post
Any issue parts out there on the .3, any must have pit box parts and any must upgrade parts on the kit?

Also is there a known way to run a 15mm hex? I have a box of durango tires I would love to use instead of buying all new. TY
Many feel that the clamping 12mm hexes are a must have part that help reduce wheel hub striping. But many claim they don't have a problem with the stock steel hexes either, but that is the only part that some say is a must have deal.
Another high on the list part is the A B C D blocks (hinge pin braces). I can't remember which one I read was breaking on people mostly, D block I think, cause I just replaced them all.
From what I have seen from others that run the truck primarily, it doesn't seem to break much. I personally feel like the tekno is very well built with it's beefy plastic parts. Very high quality stuff.
You will need metric hex wrenches, an 8mm wrench for the stock wheel nuts, and a 4mm turnbuckle wrench will also be a necessity.
If you don't already have shock tools, that would be a good idea to.
As for the Durango wheels, I believe they are standard buggy size 17mm.
You can buy a buggy conversion from tekno, or just the 17mm hub conversion from M2C Racing> Hub conversion
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