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Originally Posted by rifraf View Post
Man..Josh, by reading some of your post on this thread I thought you were a seasoned racer at least with 30+ years of racing like are alittle behind on the upgrades? You must race in flowerbeds with those tires you have on your Tekno?
Haha good one, but the pictured 410.3 is actually my girlfriends truck she just got a few weeks ago. I also own an SCTE 2.0, hence the losi wheels attached to those "flowerbed tires".
Those trenchers where bought to goof around with off track so I didn't destroy my race rubber and for static display more than anything. They look cool I thought.
If you look at the picture again you'll notice that chassis is still spotless along with the tires and wheels because it's completely new.
I am not a pro nor have I been racing for 30+ years. I'd like to be one day and I do my homework and have an engineering and racing family background. Unfortunately I couldn't find the time to stick with RC the way I would have liked to over the years because I have been a professional bull rider and horse trainer for the last 17 years, so you can imagine my road time away from home leaves little time for anything else. I finally retired at bull riding, so now I have lots of time on my hands to catch up.
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