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Originally Posted by Socket View Post
Great review. However, neither are $300 or less, as the OP had stated they wanted for a price point.
Look again,
X5RC is $255
X5LC is $275
X7A $285

Crank fill is 20

This means that besides the X7 you can get a filled crank added and they are UNDER $300

This is straight from his website bro check it if you don't believe me, also these prices are for ceramic bearings accept for the X7 that with a ceramic bearing is $325

Here is one of out tracks, this is when Yuichi Kanai came to race here

I switched phones and dont have video of the other big track, but the straight on the Binh Duong track is equal to 3 of the straights on the track in the video link above. The top straight at BD is longer while the straight out of the first turn is as long and then the next turn goes into another straight as long. The BD track they tried to mirror the Pattaya track in Thailand.

In this track the X5R does a killer job compared to the speeds, alphas and reds engines including the 7 port reds engine and the ultra expensive Ty edition OS. Never compared it to a pico or clio, never tried to, only speaking from what I have actually seen and been apart of. I am also not saying it is the best engine in the world, but for the price I have been more than happy.
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