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Originally Posted by Kave View Post
I'm quite sure there are plenty of VERY good drivers on here who are having the same issues. In fact I would question the ability of anyone who thinks the stock setup is good and could not be improved upon with some small changes.
I was just stating my personal opinion of how I feel in regards to small tight tracks from my personal witnessing experience. I assume by your assuming, you must feel that I or everyone I watch must not be good enough or know enough to have any validity in the statement I made?
Your certainly entitled to your opinion on that as much as I am to mine, but regardless of what you or anyone says about it I haven't seen the issue at all within a whole slu of 410.3s. Not one that I personally run with.
When I bought the SCTE 2.0, I also heard people on here make similar claims to nose dives with that chassis as well. But I found the exact opposite with parachuting effects and nose high angles to be more common occurrence for me in box stock setup.
I do a lot of tweaking on my chassis's to by the way. But I do start off with stock set initially to see what I have to work with.
When I fist started running SCT for the first time, the hardest thing for me was learning to manage my throttle differently than I had previously done with other chassis types of the past. I did nose dive a lot at first, but in short time learned it was just my management error more than anything else. I have no reason to assume a whole lot different here considering all the factors I mentioned, and or have witnessed and felt.
Maybe I will find out different on some different tracks one day. But I sort of doubt it.
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