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[QUOTE=Jeff Clark;14205176]
Originally Posted by Ilias View Post
Hi Jeff,

I suggest you run the truck and enjoy it. Can you try removing the front wheels and trying to apply throttle on the starter box? This will show if this is a drivetrain problem. Let us know.[/QUOTE Maybe tekno can post the video on the forum that i sent them. I am sure they can do it and explain to people this is normal like the Owner told the customer service rep to tell me. I am sure they would not sell many trucks. If i can get the vid on here it will be posted so the ones wanting to buy one will know they can expect this possibly if they purchase one. I am no pro and i could have mad a mistake some where that is why i contacted tekno and for them just to tell me it is normal don't cut it. If this problem is normal i don't need one. None of the rest of my cars do anything like this and i have quite a few cars all built by me.
Hi Jeff,

Sorry to hear you're so upset. The chatter in the video you sent us is considered normal. The truck is brand new, never been run so the drivetrain has had no time to break in and settle. The tolerances on the parts can produce tight spots that wear in with a few runs.

The conditions under which this occurs aren't usually experienced while actually running the vehicle (full droop, full lock, full throttle for an extended period of time).

It's unfortunate that you have refused to even run the truggy to see if it wears in. In either case, on a vehicle with as much steering throw as we have allowed, utilizing CVA's at full lock will eventually create some chatter. This is why we have stated that it is normal. On the track you wouldn't even notice because the parts would be loaded.

We're confident in the quality of our products as anyone here will attest. The truck took a respectable 2nd place at the Nationals this year in addition to countless other victories around the country and around the world.

To dismiss the entire vehicle before ever running it, even after we have tried in earnest to help you is really unfortunate . But it's your choice. We hope you can get past this incident and enjoy your new truggy. Good luck.
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