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[QUOTE=Ilias;14205127]Hi Jeff,

I suggest you run the truck and enjoy it. Can you try removing the front wheels and trying to apply throttle on the starter box? This will show if this is a drivetrain problem. Let us know.[/QUOTE Maybe tekno can post the video on the forum that i sent them. I am sure they can do it and explain to people this is normal like the Owner told the customer service rep to tell me. I am sure they would not sell many trucks. If i can get the vid on here it will be posted so the ones wanting to buy one will know they can expect this possibly if they purchase one. I am no pro and i could have mad a mistake some where that is why i contacted tekno and for them just to tell me it is normal don't cut it. If this problem is normal i don't need one. None of the rest of my cars do anything like this and i have quite a few cars all built by me.
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