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Originally Posted by Jeff Clark View Post
Sent a vid to Tekno and was told buy the person on the phone it was normal and he said the ownner even said it was normal. Wish i was smart enough to post the video i sent to them. Said it was cvd bind at full lock and i had the EPA set at 89 that is just right before mecanical bind of suspension parts. Backed EPA off to 45 no where near full lock maybe half way same thing. Even set the droop screws to the arms was flat no droop at all in the arms same thing. Not going to worry about it just going to pond it off on someone real cheap and go a different rought. Should have none better in the first place.
Hi Jeff,

I suggest you run the truck and enjoy it. Can you try removing the front wheels and trying to apply throttle on the starter box? This will show if this is a drivetrain problem. Let us know.
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