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Originally Posted by Jeff Clark View Post
My NT48 is giving me a problem when I got it on a starter box and turn the wheels left or right not even all the way to the lock. If the wheels are not turning and you slowly apply throttle it has a violent shake in the front. This is a brand new kit never been ran. Makes you think the front axle drive pins are to long binding on the arms at the out drives but it has tons of clearance. Or like the front drive line coupling is hitting Ackerman plate and it has good clearance. Tires are balanced. Once it gets to a higher spinning speed it smooths up and you can turn it to full lock in either direction and as long as you don't stop the wheels it is smooth. I have been through this thing like crazy and can not see any thing rubbing any where.
Jeff, I had the same problem, it is caused by the screw which mounts the steering link to the steering knuckle, it's a bit long and hits the arm at full droop. Just add 1-2 extra washers on top of the 4 you used when you built it and the problem is solved.
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