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Default Version 2.4 released

Version 2.4 was released couple of days ago and here is the summary

* Car behaviour feature. When entering a new run, it's possible add issues with car behaviour or mark the issues them fixed. These fixed issued are then collected to separate page which can be found under Analyse in the main menu. Additionally you can see a table of issues and fixes in session analyse page. Please note: This functionality is still in beta and will be for quite some time. When ever it's ready, it MIGHT change as subscription based.
* Session schedule. Now it's possible to schedule runs in the session settings. You will get a countdown timer for the scheduled runs in the top bar.
* Possibility to fix mistakes made in setup sheet (a new button in setup sheet listing). This function will allow to you do changes to setup sheet without creating a new revision and changing the setup for every run where the setup needed to be fixed.
* New front page and login procedure.
* Track temperature added as new parameter for runs
* "Delete drafts" button added to user menu. Sometimes TestLogger crashes when entering a new run (error code 500) and it can be resolved by going back to home page and deleting draft runs.
* Filters for tire listing.
* Bug fixes.

Full release notes available in here


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