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Originally Posted by qstorm777 View Post
Can anyone tell me which ackerman holes gives me less ackerman (more aggressive steering)?
Ackerman means that the outside wheel turns less than the inside wheel. In RC, we usually refer to 'more Ackerman' meaning less outside wheel travel. 'Less Ackerman' means more outside wheel travel. The inside wheel travel is constant.

There aren't too many situations where the outside travels more than the inside wheel, so consider the outside wheel always travels less than the inside. The rear holes in the Ackerman plate provide more Ackerman. Front holes provide less.

All that said, more Ackerman (less outside travel) is more aggressive into a corner and produces more front traction (less slip angle). On power, however, there is less overall steering and the car might push (understeer).

Less Ackerman (more outside wheel travel) is smoother into a corner as the front wheels slip. On power, there is more overall steering and the car might oversteer out of corners.

If you want more steering everywhere, try bump-out in the front. If you want less steering everywhere, try bump-in. Bump-out is twitchy and harder to drive. Bump-in is smooth and easier to drive.
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