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Originally Posted by Razathorn View Post
Word up to the noobs: Think long and hard about getting an aluminum steering rack. That's one of the best ways to start going through servos you will ever find. The stock plastic rack provides some damping from impacts and will likely break before your servo will, especially if you have a reasonably tough servo. When I see people stripping gears in their servo, they almost always have an aluminum rack.

The stock b5 steering is already one of the tightest and nicest steering racks you will find on a car, and it breaks away during a hard impact.

My $0.02,

While this statement is true, more so for the ST and SCT, I have not broken a gear in the last 3+ years, since I went to all metal gear servos. I bought my car used wit the alum rack in it. Otherwise I would not have bought it. My daughter has the plastic one and bangs pipes like a monster and never broke the plastic rack. But on the ST I see the plastic racks getting shattered. Then they put on the alum rack and break the horns, then they put on the alum horns and now I see spindles break. No servos yet, but pretty much everything else in the steering. If you run a servo with a sacrificial gear, like airtronics. you will break it. One of the reasons, I ditched Airtronics servos. Protek, Xpert, and Hitec are taking some serious abuse in my cars.
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