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Originally Posted by Razathorn View Post
I'm not getting dragged into this argument on the internet again. I've explained all this countless times. I've even made youtube videos on the subject that went viral. Take or leave what I said, but I'm not going to respond with a technical argument against AE's "general tuning tips" that don't even begin to scratch the surface of the subject. I don't really care if you believe me or understand why what I say is the case. I'll accept PMs from people who want help.
I'm just correcting your misinformation. Relax. There's no need to be so combative. Everybody is just here to learn. You stated empirically that changing your link length at the hub doesn't change roll center, which is completely incorrect. Changing your link length or angle on either end, CHANGES the roll center of the car as it is driven around the track.

To be more specific, if the car's suspension isn't moving at all (i.e. standing still), if you ONLY lengthen the link without changing it's angle at all, the roll center doesn't change UNTIL the car starts to roll. The moment the car's suspension starts to move, the longer link has a different "curve" in which the roll center changes. Not only does it provide less camber gain, it provides a lower roll center, when the car is fully leaned over compared to a short link.

Moving on.
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