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Got my B5M all built and need to break in the diff. This is my first time breaking one in for a 2wd buggy and people I know have had all sorts of problems with theirs so I want to do it right the first time.

The only thing I have done is tightened thrust bolt just enough so I could no longer spin the gear by hand while holding the outdrives with two wrenches. I shyed away from tightening it all the way down and backing it off slightly like the manual says because people say you shouldn't do that. My slipper is set with the shaft flush with the nut like the manual says as well.

So far is this correct? I know a lot of people say it goes by "feel" but since I have never done it before I obviously don't know the feeling. When i hold the spur gear and spin the rear wheels it feels a little gritty but still smooth.
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