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Originally Posted by QDRHRSE View Post
There is no money to be made at a track w/o a successful store and a bunch of big race events. Our track is legit enough for the JBRL to roll through once a year but its on private property. We have no overhead other than water, lights, & porta-potty and it barely breaks even. We only mark up parts 15% for the local racers and I still don't sell much. It is what it is. Lucky the track is owned by a sponsored racer who loves having the track. It pretty much operates as a non-profit. Our racers have no idea how good they have it. Club racing is $10 for a first entry and $5 for each additional class. That's super cheap right?

That's a good price for club racing but to cheap to brake even a little the tracks I race at its at least $20 for one class and $10 for a club race .
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