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Originally Posted by blade329 View Post
I really don't get all the bashing of the shocks. Yeah, they aren't the greatest ever, but I think they are okay. Mine have never leaked. I've run this truck at a big 8th scale outdoor track, and it handled the bumps fine. I think people just like complaining. When Losi comes out with bigger shocks, then drivers will complain about it being too heavy. When they upgrade the pistons, o-rings, then it will be too expensive. Whiners just suck the fun out of this hobby.
Just as I really dont get why everytime someone uses "they aren't the greatest ever" or "they could be better" yet stays on the defense about it when someone has something to say. If everyone in history just sat in silence then what exactly is the point in the hobby besides just running what you got? Why is there an aftermarket at all with that logic. If I were a company like Losi I would appreciate the criticism in respect to trusting my company to produce more upgrades instead of seeing my customers always go else where to get the things they want for hop ups or even worse, going with another platform altogether. People like you are content and that is fine, but there is another sect to the hobby that include people like myself who equally enjoy tinkering and improving. Consider that next time you decide to jump on a band wagon.
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