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Originally Posted by Josh L View Post
But there is an interest thanks to "the other company", and you guys already have the 1/8 scale shocks out there from you 8ight series vehicles, why not put a pack together and offer it as an option. I can almost guaranty you it would sell like hotcakes.
I agree people would buy them but I disagree with the fact it would be better. The 12mm shock is plenty for this truck and the Weight penalty as well as CG penalty of a 15 or 16mm shock is not worth it. With 2S battery rules in this class a lighter platform is better. A minimum weight truck is still overweight IMO with the power plant we are using but that is a bit of a different argument. The "upside down" shock has been done in the past but it was not better and I think the unsprung weight was the main reason.

A top racer who ran the Tekno for a long time put Kyosho 12mm shocks on his truck to get rid of all that high weight on his Tekno truck. Loved the change. Don't underestimate the effects of CG and know there is a lot of tuning that can be done to get the handling of the shock package the way you like it. TLR sells blank pistons as well to further fine tune your shocks.
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