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Originally Posted by hacker07 View Post
As for the size of shock and is Losi listening. We are always listening. However, we have a difference of opinion. Many that run the other truck feel there is no reason for 8th scale sized shock on a 6 pound vehicle. Those that converted the other truck over to 12mm shocks like that truck even better. Center of gravity is a big thing with short course trucks. We prefer the smaller shocks as it keep our center of gravity lower than theirs. I get baffled when just because someone else does something, it must be right is the mentality. TLR also has an extra 25 years of experience over that other company. And our truck has 3 national titles as well.

I do think our shock on the SCTE could be better. That shock came from an RTR and has been upgraded over time and its good, but could be better. We are working on things in that department.
I have always preferred Losi, and that's probably not going to change anytime soon. So there is no need to defend your company with me.
But I will state that most of your Losi team drivers could probably take a tekno and wipe their @$$ with most on comers.

Anyhow I know several people that own both the losi and the "other truck", and we all race them on some very rough tracks. Not the finely groomed tracks you guys usually run them on in the WC, albeit that is what they where designed for, Fine.
The losi's all leaked and needed rebuilds when the other one didn't. That is what I found and have seen and I sorta doubt that is always coincidence.
I'll accept your admittance that the SCTE shocks need some work with that being stated.
I never intended to questioned your authoritative knowledge of the 12mm shock's race-ability.
What I was hinting at was the idea that some of us "obviously by the threads out there" would like to have the option for a bigger shock that is going to take harder hits.
I am not going to argue the fact the CG and overall weight is lower with the smaller shocks.
But there is an interest thanks to "the other company", and you guys already have the 1/8 scale shocks out there from you 8ight series vehicles, why not put a pack together and offer it as an option. I can almost guaranty you it would sell like hotcakes.
Further more, since lowing CG is a key development feature and you know this, why don't you guys just turn the shock bodies upside down with a different cap design and slightly taller shock towers?
It wouldn't be that hard to design a newer A-arm for future releases that has a wider mounting gap for shock body clearance, then you wouldn't even need to raise the tower.
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