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Originally Posted by HoldDaMayo View Post
broke my first thing on the SCT410.3... and it's a strange one... shock bladder! Somehow got a hole in the middle... was very small, hard to notice until you kind of stretched it out, but it was leaking a good amount of oil because of the hole... a bit messy and annoying, but at least the truck still actually drove pretty well for about 6 packs after I noticed the leak, just filled a little oil every once in a while.

Question, I ran the stock vented setup, if i were running the emulsion setup I wouldn't have to deal with holes in bladders... think it's worth making the change for?

You definitely wont go through bladders that way. Ive never seen a bladder fail that way unless it was already defective from the factory. I personally don't like an emulsion build because I feel that the shocks become too inconsistent during a run. The first lap feels good, but seems too loose itself more as the rece goes on and the shocks heat up.

Originally Posted by novaris View Post
anyone knows whether this kit shares the same body posts position as the traxxas slash 4x4?

reason for asking this is because I intend to get a ford 150 svt body shell and it's designed for the traxxas (which requires extended body posts). but it doesn't seem to have pre-cut holes for body shells.
Truck shares mounting holes with the SCTE. You may have to drill the body.

Originally Posted by coombes View Post
Do I need any spare parts for this truck what breaks the most
It really is a tank, but what I most commonly see break is the front caster and steering block, and the front pin mount "A". Its not very common. I think in the 3 years ive run this truck, Ive seen maybe 2 of them break.
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