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Originally Posted by easye View Post
What did you figure out with the shocks? I also came from the tekno car.
Originally Posted by werner sline View Post
yeah What did you figure out with the shocks? I almost came on the tekno car.
With my mugen I found that it could get upset side to side and when it did it was all over for me. I damn near had to come to a stop for it to settle. I tried a ton of pistons and fluids, shock locations. 6x1.35 were good but lacked some pack, ran them emulsion and it made a big difference but I thought they were to stiff in the corners. 5x1.35 have so much pack it's unbelievable, those were setups right off drakes sheet, moved the shocks around but in the end it was to stiff for me. I lost to much steering. 8x1.3 didn't really like them. Settled on CSI v port blue (plastic) all the way out of the tower and arm. I would go in on the tower if I needed a little more side bite. This was the most stable and settling shock package I've found so far. 5000 mah is 35/27.5 I run a 6000 so it's 37/30 indoor. 40/32.5 out door. Plenty of steering in my setup and its handles the ruff stuff the best were I can stay on power. Might not suite your style like mine but I've done very well with it so far. Just a note. I do not run on clay. 9 or 9.25 black spring up front and 10.5 or 10.25 in the rear black springs. The front springs I'm sure of. I'm not quite positive on the rear "turns" of the spring.

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