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Originally Posted by BRSracing View Post
Looking at jumping into 8th scale... feedback for this car would be great, thanks!
I'm a basher and run the hyperstar E since 3 years ( well destroyed 2 in the process!!). backflips, lots of crashes, modifed parts with steel, dust and always full power on 4s...
I ordered the mugen and this is how I choose the mbx7r :

- it has 16x8mm bearings overall ( the most cheap and durable bearing size )

- the motor mount uses 2x 4mm screws ( usually 3mm on other 1/8 )

- it has a plastic spur gear ( that's a matter of taste : I wanted silence !)

- several suppliers for parts ( amain, nitrohouse, dollarhobbyz... )

- enough room for lipos and electronics ( tough not long enough for my nanotech lipos...IMO )

the very few details that bother me on the mbx7r :
- 3.5mm shocks ( a bit less durable to bending than 4mm that I have already on the hyperstarE )
- weight distribution left and right : But I have to check it myself first )
- wing tower not going all the way to the chassis using the chassis stiffener , I will build something myself !

I had the EB48.2 in mind for a long time but the chassis is just too narrow for cheap electronics, some bearings are too small in my opinion and the long drive shaft may wobble.
I checked the xray and didn't like the 3mm screws on the motor mount + the parts price ( hudy is over rated in my opinion )
I also checked the arrma typhon but it's heavy and parts are not easy to find
and some others 1/8 more...
each time I downloaded the manual to check the bearing sizes and the technical détails for maintenance access
I followed each threads and watched all pictures available !

check out those surgeon pictures of the Inside of the mbx7r eco!!

now if you're a racer, check out jason's review

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