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Originally Posted by Dirtraycer View Post
I've been running the Dunford OCRC setup on my truck except the 15 deg front spindles and the +5mm rear hex's and my diff oil is 5-7-5. And maybe I'm just not driving it fast enough but it just feels kinda tight in the turns if I went back to the lighter front sway bar and changed my front diff oil to 7k do you think that would "loosen" my truck up some ?? I don't get to race that often and race on a tight budget so I don't always have the money to run out and buy all the new parts and only have a set of Deja-Vu's and a set of Typos both in clay compound. any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance


The two things you listed off are directly responsible for more steering as an FYI. The 15 degree carriers change the height of the spindle and thus the bone angle resulting in more on power steering while the carriers themselves have more overall steering through resulting in more steering everywhere. Also, the +.5mm rear hexes allow more overall truck stability but will make the rear a tinge looser on throttle typically.

the other thing I would be sure to always do with this truck is to set your steering end points with the tires on the ground. A lot set end points with the tires in the air but with bump steer and other things going on, you really want to do it with the truck on the ground. You might find you can get more throw.

Also, make sure your servo saver is tight and threadlocked as well. If your servo saver backs off or is loose, it can give you less steering.
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