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Hi all,

I'm a bit of a novice. I've got a car that's made out of bits and pieces from s1's, s2s and r1's. I've started playing around with different springs and I'm now very confused.

I have a set of aluminium R1 shocks and the 'm' springs that come with them. I also have a set of 6 'soft' spec-r springs that range from 2.5 (soft) to 2.9 (hard).

The first thing I notice is that the 'm' springs are much longer. Is it ok to use a shorter spring? Do I need to build the shocks differently to suit?

My next question is about how to apply the springs. The biggest thing I'm trying to achieve is for the car to have more on power stability exiting corners. Should I have a softer spring up front or in the rear?
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