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Originally Posted by Josh L View Post
A lot of people go with the highly regarded pro4 4000kv/rx8 g2. But I run a hobby wing 4600 SCT combo for half the price and so far it's held it's own at my local races. Obviously you'll want a higher C rated 2s battery. I personally run 100c protek cells. As for instant upgrades I did and why are as follows>

XRA964050 - XRAY 5x15x0.3mm Washers
(They will last a really long time in diffs)
TLR3100 - Aluminum Rear Gearbox Bearing Insert Set (won't warp like plastic)
TLR334017 - Aluminum 15 Degree Front Spindle Carrier (+2mm)
(helps with steering smoothness and cornering)
LOSB2130 - Losi Aluminum Rear Hub Set
(I just like alloy integrity around high stress bearings)
Vision Racing - Short drag link bearing steering drag link
(tightens up and smooths out the steering and response)
I use a Futaba S9352HV servo
(Fast as anything and as quality as they come( I like a responsive control)

This is just my example and what I think are wise choices for a solid base.
Many will have lots of other combos and opinions, but in the end you will need to research a lot and pay close attention to what the fast and consistent drivers use if you plan on staying competitive. Nothing obviously beats practice, but you can only be as good as your equipment will allow as well.

I hear ya. The rigid strap can be annoying sometimes. I think someone should consider making a single hole version with a fork on the other end, secured by lock wing nut. That would make it a lot less hassle to separate and exchange the battery while remaining rigid.
what is the stock front spindle caster angle? does this give you more exit steering?
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