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I wound up working 16 hours yesterday. When I got home I had enough ambition left over to open the box. It is mostly assembled, you have to install bodymounts and swaybars, it even comes with Aluminium spring retainers and enough spare screws to build the car. First impressions of the MTS FF PRO are that is very well built. The materials seem on par with way more expensive cars. The carbon looks and feels to be very good quality. The machine work is exceptionally well done. The steering blocks and Knuckles are different then say an xray. The Steering pivot as as defined by the screw that holds the knuckle, is exactly in the centre of the CVD. They achieve a large steering angle without the need for Double cardens. The bearings are packed with grease and as such spin tight. Overall it looks great. It weighs 590g as it comes out of the box with the rims on it.
The Suspension arms are an xray type, I think you could put a complete Xray front end on it if you had double jointed axles to put in it.

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