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Default The scale Photo

Let me just say this, that will explain the front to rear weight readings. The yellow buggy has a small servo and all stock front running gear. The white car, my car has a full size servo, aluminum steering rack, and front link mount. Also I have removed a lot of weight from the transmission and moved it back on the chassis as fare as I could. The battery is now in the center. Overall I feel the car is better on wet clay running slicks or treaded tires, at Critters. At Cruzzin I well the same. Now that I have the transmission/motor were I feel is best, I will work on my setup, as I have been running 1.8 rear springs and 4.0 fronts and all the other adjustments to cause less steering and more rear grip. Im sorry for not answering questions or posting photos on how to do what im doing with this car. I cant give away to much information, and would not even be talking about it if that photo did not get posted.
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