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Originally Posted by b20btec View Post
Post #4855 and a few posts before that, same question that he asked. A quick search would've answered his question. You're incorrect, people do help each other out and answer questions when they can, especially concerning setups. I gotta say you're a pretty annoying dude.

Originally Posted by Jochim_18 View Post
Is the chassis on the 2015 line up with the 2014 bulkhead? Thinking of getting the the top/bottom deck, motor/battery mount to convert to 2015 spec.
'14 and '15 chassis doesn't line up, the distance between the bulkhead screws are different.

Once again I read every page including those posts. I got my bd7 second hand from a guy in China and it came with two extra chassis (an aluminum and cf which I'm sure are both 2014 yok manufactured chassis).

The chassis installed on my car has the same exact lines as the 15 chassis so I was confused as to what chassis I actually had. I've read plenty of misinformation online before and two posts about a topic isn't always enough to be assured of anything, which is why I posted a detailed questions including pics of the chassis in question.
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