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Originally Posted by niznai View Post
It's not the BD7 forum. Most forums are like that.

Have a look in the TRF forums (any of them) and you'll see 90% of the discussion is about screws and washers.

The reason is everybody has an idea or opinion about things like that, not many have any idea about setup, etc.
Post #4855 and a few posts before that, same question that he asked. A quick search would've answered his question. You're incorrect, people do help each other out and answer questions when they can, especially concerning setups. I gotta say you're a pretty annoying dude.

Originally Posted by Jochim_18 View Post
Is the chassis on the 2015 line up with the 2014 bulkhead? Thinking of getting the the top/bottom deck, motor/battery mount to convert to 2015 spec.
'14 and '15 chassis doesn't line up, the distance between the bulkhead screws are different.


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