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Anyone know how long it takes to charge my batter or how long it will last/charge?
This will depend on the capacity of the battery you got and the amps you will be charging at. the capacity should be something like 1800-3300 mah. what kind of charger did you get? does it list the charging amps or have the ability to select the amps?

did I get a good car for a beginner?
depends on what you want to do with it. the F! cars will force you to become a smooth driver. because they dont have a big bumper up front, you will get good very quickly or spend a fortune replacing broken front wings and front A arms. I have a 1:18 F! and love to drive it as it requires smooth throttle and steering control. it might have been better to start with a 1:10 sedan or a truck but if you aren't breaking parts, you may be ok.

It didn't come with any instructions/manuals (although it's fairly easy to figure out how to use it) but, any web sites that have manuals/tips/tricks??

you can read lots of tips on this site under the electric section. the main thing is to drive it in a controlled environment and get used to controlling it.
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