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Originally Posted by yzracer758 View Post

The car will be harder to drive on a slippery track with thicker fluid.


Tessmann Worlds setup (Sugar Track/Super High Bite): 300k Center oil

Tessmann OCRC setup (Indoor clay Medium/High Bite) 100k Center Oil
First...I friggin love Tekin and your customer service

Second...You're correct, seems in general that the looser the track the lighter the oil, however it comes down to an acceleration vs driveability thing on loose tracks. Thicker oil increases acceleration overall so the OP might be hunting for something more than just the center diff.

Here's what I have from the googles

Originally Posted by thegoogles
• Front wheels unload more during acceleration
• Decreases on-power steering (reduces oversteer)
• Easier to drive on rough tracks
• If a high-power engine is used you could waste too
much power and sometime “cook” the oil in the center
differential because it “overloads”
• More off-power steering
• More all-wheel drive effect
• Better acceleration
• Increases on-power steering (reduces understeer)
• Better suited on high-bite, smooth tracks
• Car can be more nervous to drive especially if a high
power engine is used - you might need to be smooth on
the throttle
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