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Originally posted by yodace
when did losi make two holes for the steering rack? I saw a friends new XXXS graphite chasis and it had two holes for the post?
It was a running change (I think). I don't think it's really ment for the XXXS drivers but maybe for the prototype off-road 4wd they have been working. It will change the ackerman of the car. I have one with the new holes which are about .150" infront of the original (the orignial is still there too). If you look closely on your friends chassis at the rear between the spur gear area and the rear shock tower mount you may see a molding ridge. I suspect that losi is using the same mold for both the prototype car and the xxxs but just placing a spacer in for the prototype.

Another change on the new graphite chassis is in the battery area. There is ridges on the passenger's side of the battery that help keep the battery in, in the event of a hard hit.

I've not got to play around with the new Ackerman position. I only get to race touring about once a month and if the car feels easy to drive and is up to speed I tend not to change much. If I get a chance next time I'll play with it and let you guys know how it changes the car. I suspect it will take some steering response away from the car. Might be good for low traction conditions.

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