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Yes I know the prob you are having.

I always found the car oversteered when turning left and understered when turning right (Is this what you had or was it opposite?)
This is due to the diagonal polar moment of inertia that the battery placement creates.

I went the drastic approach carbon dremelling so I could move the battery configuration to side by side so the weight is evenly distributed and it has been perfect ever since.

But for more realistic solutions:
* you can add lead to the back left and front right parts of the chassis to distribute the weight better.
* tweak the car so that it is inclined to turn right easier in an attempt to neutralise the left oversteer - i.e. screw down the spring retainer on the front right shock
* setup the car so that it pushes slightly and you won't notice the problem quite as much

These aren't brilliant solutions I know but it should help a bit.
Anybody else got better ideas?
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