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Originally Posted by heretic View Post
Aluminum universal joint + spool: you will ovalize the holes in the bone in like 10 minutes of use. They kinda work like this but you will still bend them easy on a tap. As for your spool, anything else than steel is useless. Yeah, you can manage to make an aluminum one work by putting blades on the bone pins, blah-blah... don't go there.

What you want is steel bones with a "slipper" steel spool, ie a spool where the outdrives are solid under normal use but can slip a bit when under excessive twisting force.

You didn't mention if you were on carpet or asphalt ? Anyway I'll let the setup gurus answer regarding the setup changes you might require. Maybe a bit more travel (lower droop value) at the rear to help with corner entry ? 6F-4R is always a good place to start on a TC3 IMHO.

Springs: in between silver and red you have the blue and the gold springs, in that order. Blue F / sliver R or blue-blue always treated me right on carpet. That is with the R shock tower at the front, and the outside position on the arms, both F and R.

Red-red... I have used it once with what I found were crazy good results, but that was with very, very hard tires on carpet. To this day I remember my buddy watching me run this setup for 7 minutes at what seemed like mach 3, no mistake or anything, then shaking his head and commenting: " ... that was ROBOTIC." Best compliment ever, seriously. ^^ But I digress.

Look up setup sheets on and try to figure out the common denominator between them. For instance, the last setups before the TC4 always feature the R shock tower at the front, and you'll never find an anti-roll bar on one end only but always none or both, etc.


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