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Default Re: Why not make the rear bulk head one piece?

Originally posted by RCknight
You could get rid of the carbon brace and still have aluminum halfs for the layshaft/diff. I think you could go even farther by making one side of each diff/layshaft brace a hook style. That way you can get rid of 4-more screws and make it quicker to get it out out. I know it's still in the prototype stage, but it seems too busy. I say keep it simple. Finally someone makes a two piece diff bulk head on a belted car. I still love that prototype with many Pro 3 parts on it. With batteries getting bigger having three by three cells seems logical. I still love that Pro 2.
Simple answer: 3D aluminum is much more expensive than 2D.

If you see the price of new EVO4MS's gearbox, you know what I'm talking about.
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