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Originally Posted by Humyu View Post
Hi Guys,

Just a newbie question. Can the TC3 handle 13.5t boosted? What is the best ratio for this motor? running on parking lot track.
Any advise would be appriciated
The TC3 drive train can take even mod motors. If you think about it, there was a time when it was a dominant chassis for every class of racing including some very hot brushed mod setups.

The problem though is that the more power you throw at anything, the more likely you are to break something or wear parts out. I've had the carbon fiber drive shaft vibrate right out of the car on some of my hotter setups in the past and also had the ends shear off. So you should use an aluminum drive shaft. Plastic diffs and universal bones may not hold up very well either. Also, any brush with a wall or pipe is mostly likely going to result in bent or broken suspension parts.

Gearing will depend on the track and how much "Boost" you intend to dial in. A safe starting point to experiment with would be around 6:1. But you might find yourself going as low as 4:1 once you experiment with motor temperature and the speed you are looking for.
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