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Originally Posted by DesJardins View Post
I agree with grandpa on the stiffer spring up front causing that push... I also tried a thicker oil & push came with the softer spring. I went too stiff in the rear & it caused "hop". I went back to the medium spring & 40wt with the roll bar but that caused "hop" again.

My parking lot has left me with this combo as it's not as smooth as many purpose built tracks. Obviously there are all the other factors mentioned from ride height to droop but each track will require changes so play around with the set-ups & make one change at a time

(35wt front, 40wt rear)
(Soft springs up front, Medium in the back)
3 hole piston all around & no anti-roll bars

Generally, rear end hop is by too much grip causing the sidewall to tuck under, which will cause the rear end to "hop". This is one of those things where we have a pretty good idea of what happens, but the cause is more difficult to pinpoint. These are some of the things you can try. Add or subtract camber. Try changing the rear ride height. One of the most effective things for me was to add a 1mm spacer to the drive hex and widen the track. Sometimes it's the front end action overloading the outside rear wheel. You could try slowing the servo speed down, dialing back the throw in the TX. You could also change the rear shock mounting points. Occasionally going to a softer rear shock oil can help. Oh, and the most obvious of all, try a different set of tires.

These are just a few of the things off the top of my head you could play with. There are others, but they are a lot of work and difficult to reverse. It could really mess up your set up. Frankly, this is one of the most difficult of problems cause I've never found a clear cut solution. I had one Mini where it plagued me for weeks, then it just went away, never to return.

Hope this helps. And again, just one old mans opinion and forwarded with no intention to offend, but merely to give some info.
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