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Originally Posted by howardcano View Post
All cars will get light on the rear end when lifting off the throttle entering a corner, due to weight transfer from the rear to the front. (In real cars it's referred to as "trailing throttle oversteer".) Of course, some do it worse than others. The behavior can be reduced by lowering the center of gravity (by lowering the ride height, for instance), lengthening the wheelbase, and of course, not lifting off the throttle so abruptly on turn-in.

A brushed motor will do this more than a brushless (if no drag brake is used) because it has more internal friction.

You can also get some relief from this by using thicker front shock oil, thinner rear shock oil, or both. That will cause a little more understeer as the car starts to lean into the corner.

Yes, I completely agree and understand what you are saying. I think the motor is dragging since I am running the silver can. I will try a smaller hole aftermarket piston on my fronts. I think I still have a few Yokomo or HPI pistons I can use. I tried softer damp rate on the rear but it just contributed to more sway than anything, so using Tamiya's firmest blue oil with single hole piston on all four corners. I will use smaller hole pistons just on the front and try the white oil.

Originally Posted by DesJardins View Post
Ahhh I have no experience with the M-05, just the V2 & thanks it's running & looking pretty good!

What is the rear suspension set up right now sakad?

My buddy had a terrible rear end & wander but toe out up front & stock rear uprights corrected his issue for the most part
Des- Yes, the V2 drives phenomenally well out of the box. I bought the V2 first and got the M05 as a present after. I was not expecting such different characteristic. The rear camber and toe on my M05 is currently setup exactly like my V2. I made my own camber rods. I have decent toe-out on the front, but not excessive.
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