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There were a boatload of fast motors there. I would say the field was level for the most part. The front runners ran away because of a pile up out of the gate. Baker was cracking off some serious fast laps but was to far behind to catch up.

I'm home from vacation dude. Brad and I along with many people running my engine with the associated fuel system struggled. Brad and I less than others as I was constantly chasing the needle but the tank and the weather changes were killing us. Tank and chassis, diff pinions and trans cases got to go.

Druability issues on the NTC3 and tires hurt us. The car is killer its just delicate. I am ramping down engines to the public and going off to create some better parts for the NTC3. I twisted a front pinion out in my main during the warm up and even though I had finally gotten the right tire and a fairly good setup combo. running the main in 2wd don't get it.

Is this a freak thing or are any of you running NTC3's twisting out front pinions at the drive pin while using a one way??

Mugen didn't have enough gear to be competitive. The 24 pinions they needed didn't show. I TOLD ROBBIE GET ME SOME GEARS AND i'LL RUN MY MUGEN AGAIN !!!
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