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Originally Posted by USMC STONE 1 View Post
Yes Rc Monster motor mount for 808. Use XRAY battery tray and either cut stock radio tray or buy the E buggy receiver and servo mount. I have done both and honestly I like the stock tray cut so only front receiver box and servo mount is left, much more room inside the box than the E Buggy box.
He have the xb8 Nitro alloy chassis that was bought second hand. He wants to turn it brushless.

So you are saying that he can use the RC monster motor mount for 808, that will fit into that nitro alloy chassis? I am asking that cause the list from Xray to turn it into eletric involves a new brand alloy chassis...but that's expensive for a second hand bought

Is there any other motor mount options rather then RC Monster for the XB8 Nitro chassis?

As for the receiver box i think he can use the nitro one to as the servo mount? Or need the eletric versions?

Batery tray, any will do...i guess...
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