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Originally Posted by OKCIS View Post
Sorry for the dumb question here but i'm new to the 1/10th electric buggy world I run 1/8 nitro and just got a D413 to race at a new indoor track that's going in here locally.
I've been looking at motors and ESC's and don't really know what to go with I was looking at going with one of the castle combo kits but i don't really know which one to choose. Any have any ideas of what else i should run? I'm not a pro level driver heck i'm not even a good novice driver to be honest i suck! I have fun though I just want to make sure that if i do want some power i can have it.
my recommendations for ESC would be hobby wing. or LRP. depending on budget.
smc has a good inexpensive hight spec ESC too. personally i run the orion10.1 in my D413. motors you can really go wrong with most brands.
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