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Originally Posted by Kinda_Quick View Post
"When will we see the new B5 series parts - i.e. rear drive axles, wing mounts, etc."

I really don't know, but I guess the truck needs to come out first...
Paul Wynn

Not sure how to take that.....does that mean that the B5 owners have to wait for JC parts until the T5 comes out?
Sorry...I read it as T5 . Not really sure when the new B5 accessories will be out, so stay tuned.

By cutting the ribs, won't that make a gap between the tire and the insert? Was told that roughing up the shiny groove area between the ribs will help soften the tire faster (will absord water,etc and break down faster). Others have mentioned hole punching. Your thoughts please.
The 60mm package is so tight once glued, the gap is filled with the cut inserts. I do everything possible to keep water, sauce, etc from getting into the insert, so I don't recommend anything to enhance water absorption. If you feel the insert needs to be softer, I would recommend punching holes.
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