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Originally Posted by louie8269 View Post
Alright guys I need some help:

I have a race this weekend and I want to make sure I have good traction (obviously)

I got some 60mm jconcepts wheels and gold dirt webs with dirt tech inserts.

From what I've been reading the dirt techs are way too hard/stiff out of the bag to be effective right away. There won't be much time to break-in the wheels/inserts/tires before qualifying. ( I will be breaking in the tires properly regardless )

What would you guys recommend I do? I don't have other inserts and I will not be able to order them before the race.

Would you:

A: Just run them and hope they break in before the mains

B: Cut out the ribs on the inserts before gluing

C: Use open cell inserts (not even sure this will work because the open cells are from 2.2 tires)

D: Other (please explain)

TIA guys!
I have never been a closed cell fan in the past and never could find a closed cell foam I really liked. I decided to give the dirt-techs a shot in gold dirtwebs and actually really like them. I softened them by putting 3 rows of punched holes in them with a leather punch. They were still a little stiff at first but started to feel good after the first quick practice run or so. The foams are soft enough at the top of the tire to absorb bumps in the track's surface and make good bite, but stiff enough to hold up in hard corners. This was with 2.2" tires but I'm sure it would work great with the 60mm tires too.
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