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Default Love your work brother!

Hey guys, to be fair on all parties we all drum to a different beat. Kickass is a unique racer and many may find his methods odd at the very least, he is the King of budget racing and he's at the pointy end of the aussie crew, he has been for many years and that's not as easy as some may think. He's one of those racers that every race team on a budget needs if they want to take on the likes of McLaren and Red Bull and make their presence felt.

I've known him for years now, his racing strategies are unique and I admire him for what he has contributed to the world of RC in Australia. Rather than get into the particulars and question his motives. Perhaps accept his resolution might work and get the problem solved until the individual makes up his mind.

Kickass, don't get worked up by it brother, you know I have a lot RESPECT for you! So here I am, and I'm voicing it, not because of Capricorn, but because what I learned from you over the years, and Luke has too!

Daan, I too would toss the flywheel and get another, no IFS, no BUTS! If you ever had a chance to race with KickAss you too may end up having the same respect for him, whether you agree or disagree. He has motivated many racers like us and we have learned that throwing money at this hobby, where money is best spent on participation, might have a lot to do with why so many give up.

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I take my hat off to any man that wears a gold plated piston, does it with a home made wooden starter box older than my sons and makes A-Main in Australia.
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