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The biggest reason why brushless combos are put in an "open" class is because race directors can't tech the setting on the ecs/motor

If you're running stock - how can a race director quickly look at a car and say "oopps, bobby here is running a 19T arm instead of the 27T arm"?? He're theory that just because you dial out your throttle end-point is not valid - becuase how can you prove that's your setting while you ran?? you cannot - yea, you can argue with my until you are blue in the face...but the bottom line, for a race director YOU CANNOT TECH a BL COMBO when running is a "spec'ed" class, like stock touring...

That's the biggest reason why brushless is taking so long to catch on - and even after the IFMAR worlds, still will be a while to catch on...

its not a thing about performance compared to another - its "how do I tech the class"...My local track did a performance test on off-road...a BL didn't do any better in the hands of the same driver - BUT the class he rac against was a MOD buggy class
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