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Originally Posted by ColourGhost View Post
Looking for a carpet low/low-medium (more low than medium) bite diff setup. Running 15/60/4 now. This car is so difficult to drive compared to the XB4.

My shocks still build up rebound after only 4 ours of training. I soak my Kyosho x-rings in oil 24 ours before installing, and use green slime and all. ZX6 owners say they never try that. These shocks feel really great when fresh built, but they dont seem to last that long. I know i can just let the air out, but i dont wanna do it every second hour. Any of you guys experience the same ?? Really consider changing shocks. If i can find some long shaft eyelets i try the Kyosho's.
I would try 10, 100, 5 diffs
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