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Here they are allowed in the 19T Expert class.(Novak 5800), it is on the table about allowing the 4300 in the expert stock class only.
Previously owning an indoor on road facility, and also holding races in a nice parking lot track, and having one car set up BL Novak 5800 and the another car set up conventional, I may have some interesting opinions.
The long standing sensorless manufacturers belong in the mod class no doubt. The new LRP/Reedy set up? Dont know yet.
It is just plain funny sometimes to hear the debates. Brushless is here to stay, it will be accepted in time. The Novak 5800 and I have had a good relationship, but in open modified TC it dont stand a chance. In a TC, it is comparable to a good 19T on small to medium tracks. The 5800 in ANY profile is NOT fair in stock. It just has too much acceleration, even when in the limited modes. The track we are now racing is small and tight. My lap times are the same with a 19T or my Novak 5800 in unlimited profile. Honestly? the 19T is easier to drive! I have raced the Novak Race the last two years in the Brushless class and since we were on foams thes year it is a good comparison. It is about like a 19T. On a big track my experiance is that it is a little faster on top end but not by much.
A lot of racers may not agree, but the 4300 holds little to no advantage over a real good 27T, but that is the problem, A REAL GOOD 27T ROAR MOTOR, in expert level classes everyone is going to have fast motors and the advantage is negated vs. sportsman classes where the racers are just learning how to tune motors and how to keep their motors fast.
Bottomline, every track is just going to go through these growing pains as our hobbies technologies grow and change.
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