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've been struggling to find a way how get lap times if you don't have Mylaps decoder in use. Import availability is even more rare as the internet is not available on every track. If you don't have lap times available then there is not much sense to use TestLogger.

I would guess most of the tracks around the World don't have any timing available during practice days. So what if you have friend who could use the stopwatch. Ok, then you need to manually write all the lap times to TestLogger. It's just too time consuming and very frustrating.

What if the stopwatch would be integrated to Testlogger so your friend could use his own phone/table with his own Testlogger account to take lap times for you (Or you use your phone and account if the friend is not in TestLogger)? Then you would automatically have all the lap times available in TestLogger same way as with Mylaps and MyRCM import.

Any comments?
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