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Default Re: Brushless rubber sedan racing

Originally posted by GordonFreeman
In my area, there is very heavy resistance to brushless. It is allowed in our open class, but our open class is basically a bunch of horrible drivers with equipment that doesn't fit into "stock".

I am thinking about trying to make a brushless/19T rubber class. I am hoping that some of the better stock drivers will want to step up in power and we can have a competetive class that allows brushless.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

It sounds like when you say "brushless" you're really saying "Novak". They're not one in the same as many BL motor and ESC combinations are much faster than the Novak 5800 system.

Don't bother creating a separate brushless class unless you intend on forcing everyone to run the same motor--not a good idea IMO. Permit brushless in your normal brushed modified classes, period.

Brushless motors, both sensored and sensorless, will be allowed in the 2006 IFMAR ISTC and 1/12th Worlds...
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