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Thanks again. I'll keep on using Schumacher stock shocks for now (the non threaded ones) although adjusting height with those plastic spacers is something I really hate.
Now it comes the big question: everyone at my local track run 10.5T brushless motors. My problem is that only own a 5.5T (right now with 86T spur gear, 23T pinion, 17T pulley). It gives a 7.90 ratio. Of course, I know I'm overpowered with the 5.5T, which makes it worse because my local track is a carpet indoor circuit, not very big. I'm thinking about gearing it down to 10 ratio or similar. But gearing it down would really help me? I mean, indeed, the car would have less top speed (which I don't really need, I can't use it in my track) but the increased acceleration but make the car undriveable and may break some parts?
It is really surprising for me that racers use less powered motors such of 21T or similar. Don't we want to race as fast as possible? I tried a colleague 10.5T equipped car, and it was easier to drive but I found it less powered than my 5.5T Schumi.
Any advice?

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It really depended on grip level to me. I ran Coppers all-round at on one race night, then I'd switch the next night, or per round as the grip comes up.

Having said that, I would usually start with all coppers and change from there.

As far as the shocks go, Tamiya units will fit right on if you don't want to mess with the stock Schui shocks. Just use Tamiya ballstuds and a long ball cup on the shaft, and you're good to go. (On the top, you'll want to run a screw through the back of the shock tower with spacers and a ball-nut to get the correct spacing.)
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