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Originally Posted by fran_28x View Post
Hi Jesse and everyone!
I've just ordered the parts to replicate your mod (the one you describe in your blog). I've ordered 4 copper springs, 1 spool, 1 pair of Mi4 Cvs, grey belts. Unfortunately the threaded body shocks are out of stock.
I race on carpet, do you think 4 copper springs would be a good setup?

It really depended on grip level to me. I ran Coppers all-round at on one race night, then I'd switch the next night, or per round as the grip comes up.

Having said that, I would usually start with all coppers and change from there.

As far as the shocks go, Tamiya units will fit right on if you don't want to mess with the stock Schui shocks. Just use Tamiya ballstuds and a long ball cup on the shaft, and you're good to go. (On the top, you'll want to run a screw through the back of the shock tower with spacers and a ball-nut to get the correct spacing.)

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