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Originally posted by Alvin
Somehow this motor oddly runs better with a low gear ratio.
The reason is that the torque curve is higher in the RPM range than all other stock motors except the GM3. If you look at a dyno sheet from a good MVP, you'll see what I mean.

I think people confuse the RPM's at a given voltage with the "sweet spot" of the torque curve relative to the RPMs. Yes, most motors that produce the highest torque higher in the RPM range will produce more RPMs at a given voltage, but that isn't always the case.

Think of it like this: a 400 cubic inch big block Chevrolet will typically make it's torque peak in the 6000-7000 RPM range in race form. (this is just for comparison). While a stroked 400ci small block will make it's power in the 7500-8500 range in race form. Both are 400ci motors, but the characteristics of the individual motors require totally different gearing.

I know that comparing internal combustion engines to electric motors isn't a very good example, but for gearing comparisons it may be easier to understand for some people...
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